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The Research & Development Team is passionate about working alongside our customers to help with their specific needs. Our food scientists, engineers, and application experts have decades of experience in the formulation of flavor extracts, flavor bases, variegates and panned & candy inclusions. 

Our ability to develop unique ingredients for the frozen desserts, baking and cultured dairy industries is a creative balance of art and science.  It is a craft that combines flavor and ingredient expertise, marketplace insights, and technical mastery. 


Caucasian man with thin white hair and white goatee in a lab coat

John Benzinger

Director of R&D

Caucasian man with black hair and beard in a navy polo, holding a certificate and a  glass of champagne

Gabe Katzenstein

R&D Manager

Caucasian man with black hair in a lab coat

Ron Ligeras

Senior Food Technologist

Smiling asian woman with long dark hair infront of painting

Stephanie Sia-Brady

Manager of R&D/New Business Development

Smiling asain woman in a lab coat and hair net standing infrong of lab table

Rosena Ng

Senior Food Technologist

Caucasian man with long white hair in a lab coat

Tim Brinskele

R&D Lab Coordinator

Ask our R&D experts to help with your next creative development:​

  • Frozen Desserts: Ice Cream, Non-Dairy.

  • Novelties: Bars, Cones, Sundaes.

  • Beverages: Shakes, Smoothies, Frappes, Craft Brews, Distilled Spirits.

  • Baked Goods: Fillings, Icings, Flavors, Extracts.

  • Refrigerated Desserts: Fillings, Icings, Pie Crusts.

  • Cultured Products: Side Car Inclusions, Variegates.


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