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Star Kay White's senior leadership and employees are committed to delivering high quality and safe products to our customers.  Our Quality Assurance/Food Safety Department is dedicated to food safety, quality, innovation, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.  Our policies and procedures are in compliance with FDA Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations.


Food Safety Management

  • HACCP: Food safety is addressed through the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards from raw material procurement and handling, to finished product manufacturing, and distribution. 

  • International CODEX Principles: CODEX standards ensure that food is safe and can be sold internationally.

Food Safety Audits and Certifications

  • FDA and New York State Department of Agriculture.

  • Global Food Safety Initiative (GSFI) Certified through Safe Quality Foods (SQF).

    •  2011-present. 

    •  Edition 8 Certification.

  • Regularly conducted  third party audits.

  • Kosher 

Quality Assurance at Star Kay White

  • Microbiological testing and third-party ISO pathogen testing.

  • Lot-to-lot specification testing to meet customer requirements. 


The Star Kay White Regulatory team brings decades of combined experience in food, flavor, and alcoholic beverage regulations. Our regulatory team has a strong background in research & development and quality assurance. They ensure customer documents and databases are compliant with FDA regulations, industry guidelines and customer requirements. 

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