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Star Kay White provides information on trends and insights essential for creating products that meet the demands of our customers.  Our Marketing Insights team continually tracks, analyzes, and communicates forecasted emerging trends to guide your product development.    

We use our findings to develop novel bases, variegates and inclusions to keep your products fresh and innovative.  If you are interested in learning more about our Market Insights Program and how we can help you, please contact us.


Caucasion man in sunglasses wearing a tan knit sweater
Tess Brown

Stephen Platt

VP of Sales

African american woman with long curly hair sitting by two black and white paintings
Kevin Nye

Mackenzie Heslin-Scott

Marketing Specialist

Caucasian man with grey hair  and mustachesitting by a board walk and palm trees
Ashley Jones

Mark Hetzel

Chef/Account Manager

Alex Young

Stephanie Sia-Brady

Manager of R&D/New Business Development

MicrosoftTeams-image (7).png
Alex Young

Adam Dalebroux

Senior Sales Account Manager

Caucasian man in glasses with brown hair, wearing a blue checked shirt and tie
Lisa Rose

Monte Hilmoe

Director of Sales

Caucasian woman with long brownh hair by a plant
Alex Young

Ameena Cohen 

Account Manager/ Sales Coordinator

Caucasian woman with brown hair  standing  in a city square eating ice cream
Alex Young

Bernetta Gordon

Customer Service Manager

Alex Young

Rosena Ng

Senior Food Technologist

Alex Young

Mikko Peltoniemi

Director of IT 

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